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Phlebotomy Technicians are critical team members at hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, and blood donor centers. As advancements in medical technology rise, it’s an especially exciting time to begin a career in this thriving field. Earning your Phlebotomy Technician Certification in less than two months from NPCE (National Phlebotomy Examination Certification). You can earn the confidence in your skills and abilities. Set yourself up for success and reach your career goals in the rewarding healthcare industry.


The Laboratory Phlebotomy Short-Term Certificate is a skills-oriented program designed to educate and train persons to skillfully:


  • Collect blood specimens in a variety of situations.

  • Special blood collecting techniques

  • Medical terminology

  • Medical ethics, asepsis, and human biology 

  • Learn in five weeks clinical hands-on experience in a hospital or medical clinic.


Phlebotomy is one of the fastest-growing careers in healthcare. Evolving Nurse Phlebotomy Technician Program teaches students the proper specimen collection techniques for prevention, testing, and diagnosis of diseases. Students will learn how to perform routine venipunctures, dermal sticks, winged infusion sets, and syringes. 

At Evolving Nurse Training School, our phlebotomy classes are small, ensuring an optimal learning environment for our students. We offer phlebotomy classes in both the morning and evening to help accommodate your busy schedule. Phlebotomy training at Evolving Nurse can be completed in as little as five weeks! Successful completion of phlebotomy training will help prepare you to enter the workforce as a trained phlebotomist. As a Phlebotomy Technician / Phlebotomist, you can expect to gain employment in doctor’s offices, in-patient and out-patient laboratories, hospitals, clinics, urgent cares, emergency departments, and many more. 


Class Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED

  • TB is required one or two step

  • State ID or Driver’s License (Government issued ID)

  • 18 years of age or older


Course fee $800 

(Includes tuition, textbooks, & Uniform ie. Scrub top, Scrub pants, & Jacket)

6 Week- Evening Class 

Tuesday & Thursday 6pm-10pm


Start Date                                End Date                   Registration Deadline

May 17                                      June 23                         May 6

Aug 9                                        Sept 22                        July 29

Oct 4                                          Nov 17                         Sept 23


  • Non-refundable fees are due at the time of registration is $275. ($75 registration fee, $100 Background check fee, $50 uniform & $50 lab jacket fee). The remaining balance of $625 can be paid according to one of the following plans:



Full Payment
$75 registration fee + $725 tuition  =
$800 Due at registration

  • Includes tuition, background check, 1 uniform & 1 lab jacket


Weekly Payment Plan                                  
$75 registration fee + $100 tuition down payment = $175 (paid at registration)
Week 1 – $209
Week 2 – $208
Week 3 – $208


Bi-Weekly Payment Plan

$75  registration fee + $100 tuition = $175 (paid at registration)

Week 1 – $0

Week 2 – $209

Week 3 – $0

Week 4 – $208

Week 5 – $0

Week 6 – $208

Late or Missed Payments

  • If a payment is not made (depending on your payment plan) you will incur a $50 late fee that will be added to the next weeks payment.

  • After week 3 of phlebotomy course all payments are non-refundable.

  • You are allowed to reschedule for a course one time after paying non-refundable registration fee.  

  • If the 1st week payment is missed you will be dropped from the class.  

  • Please keep in mind if you have balance at the end of your class, you will not be allowed to take the final exam.

  • All payments must be paid in full by your 3rd week of class. 

  • If your balance is not paid in full before 45 days after class completion you will be marked as dropped and will have to pay for and complete the entire 
    class over again.


WIA – Workforce Investment Act

Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Students should contact their county Job and Family Services department for eligibility requirements 
and Information.

WIA offices and Information

In-office Registration | Monday – Friday 9am until 4pm
Complete an Application 

Applications can be picked up in office with a $25 down payment that goes toward your registration.

We accept: Cash, Credit Card,  Money Order or PayPal.
A 3% processing fee will be added to all credit/debit card transactions

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